Bibliography Page Unit 7

These are the websites and books that I have visited for unit 7 project.

Halwani,Y.(2015) Reviving Hamra Street[online] Date Visited: 26/02/2017.


Shezma,J.(2016)[online] Date Visited: 26/02/2017.


Huber,M. (2007)[online] Date Visited: 26/02/2017.

Almutawakel, B.(2013) Highlight works from the exhibition, [Online], Date entered: 26/02/2017.


The V&A museum (2013) Light from the Middle East: New Photography [Online], Date entered: 01/03/2017.


Baalbaki,A.(2006) Ayman  Baalbaki’s portfolio. [Online], entered: 01/03/2017.


Shawa,L.(2012) Laila Shawa portfolio, [Online],  Date entered:



Storm,K.(2006)ASCII Binary codes date entered: 08/03/2017

Grace,M.(2012) Art Of Typography date entered: 08/03/2017

Gowing,M(2015) Mark Gowing Poster date entered: 08/03/2017

Tankward, J.(2006) date entered: 08/03/2017

Zazzle (2017) Tile making at Zazzle date entered: 15/03/2017


Yen,K.2013 Adverts date entered: 15/03/2017


Bilingual Book store (2013). date entered: 15/03/2017

Augsto,Y.(2010) date entered: 15/03/2017

Tim,G.(2016). Graffiti behang op jouw muur? date entered: 15/03/2017



Branding,B.(2007) date entered: 15/03/2017

Unknown Authour(2013 date entered: 15/03/2017

V&A (2016) Islamic Motif

K,Damian (2015)


Tamam,M(2017)Letter Type






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