Project Proposal

UNIT 7 Proposal

Project Proposal


Throughout the foundation course I have learnt many different things from diagnostic and then foundation course. At this point of the Foundation course I have learnt that investigation part is always a starting point; where I need to keep my mind clear and body where I don't have a solid idea so I can dig on more later where I see where my thoughts lead me. My research usually inform my work and help me to create my decision for the developments. Now I feel more confident working in different areas and there is a variety of materials to use and visualize with. Which helps me to always improve and make my style change every time I also learnt how to manage my time and keep deadline no matter how difficult the task is and most definitely take challenges on board get advices from tutors and during Crit get feedback on improving even more.


Today Communicating became very easy thanks to the social medias it became part of daily routine to follow and be followed, yet coming to think about interacting from speaking to people face to face turned to be quite difficult for many reasons. Within the theme, I want to explore at the lines and colours of letters and how they are evolved to make my own movement in letter making. Connection in writing can be strong or weak and can be visible at some points depending on the length of each character. I would like to investigate the abstract of what a letter form can recreate or even make us feel in terms of coding or even making new impact on us. I consider the characteristics of those bonds in each word such as love, hate, anger, care, shapes and formats they are created to be formed at. My aim is making people feel curious about what I am communicating with them.  I will do primary research on seeing how people can solve my puzzles and see their behavior to it if they would seek for help or others and record their reaction to my certain design. different languages. I will be looking at Wim Crowell’s work which inspired me to look at coding and the idea of how a letter form can stand out. I also looked at two Arabic type practitioners Yazan Halwani street artists who paints portraits and type at different counties walls and Anwar schema that had his exhibition at the Tate his work is very much of Arabic graphic design writing which looks abstract and illustrated as well.


Just as we are giving long period pf time for this project. I think this is going to be a good opportunity to create a detailed and attentive idea development. I’ll be using visuals that are  going to be great experiments to work with For my evaluation, I will be gathering research from primary sources such as people, I would gather feedback from Crits and surveys writings, as well as sketch books annotations, presentations and interviews. This all help me to improve on my work and refine it as well. I evaluate when I encounter a problem of the process, learn something new, while writing ideas, before and after producing outcomes.




Halwani, Y. (2015)Reviving Hamra Street[online] Date Visited: 26/02/2016.


Shezma,J. [online] Date Visited: 26/02/2016.





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