UNIT 7 Reflection


Today I had a tutorial with Claire and I spoke about the main idea that I produced which was the letter form potential and how I developed the idea from coming week which was just simple letter forms that I have created for my group. It was related to the idea of languages and my own first language Arabic coming to think about it I found it very exciting to do something related to coding. Claire yet to mean I should think about the simple forms of a letter be simple. the idea of having letters in graphic design and dried experiment how good a letter make a difference to people. 

Of course as I was told I should make my proposal more open and not just for a specific final outcome make it pretty much blurry and work with the solution that I have with me I should not aim on one thing I should keep producing more than one outcome and try to explore things differently throughout this project. Then I spoke about the three artists that I have been looking at and why I like their work in terms of typography which I have also spoken my proposal that I'm there inspired by their work and I feel that I can make something similar to their style.

I also have them those experiments with my classmates asking a few questions if they would understand some good forms or words which were made by wim crouel , few more questions and they liked decorative writing and abstract writing such as graffiti I find it very important to know how people think because we all have different points of view and coming to look at it we all absolutely have different impacts towards typography and into working with letter forms. I realise that in my class are used most of them speak at least three languages and they can write in different ways and different styles which made me think off how Letters of normal english alphabet can make them think differently maybe? Well everyone had their own opinion at some point which was different than mine got me to think more of developing letter forms and trying to find the simple and the hard letters they can maybe understand.

Commune development


Time Table PLAN



Today I have made around 30 primary drawings in my sketch book and I have made an interview  my other classmates and I asked them questions that are related to my project until I can carry out certain formation that can help me to look at what people like and not. Which will support me later on to think about this project in a different perspective. I have got so many different responses towards the questions most people like that understandable because they find it very difficult to search the meaning if the letter form. that is why they would rather go the simple way and see one character per time.

For those who can language they said to me it's actually difficult to build up the word because the letter change and that will complete a new character. I can also link this to myself because I do speak another language which is Arabic and we have completely different typefaces and different way of writing specifically when to read the words for a character writing the whole word changes as soon as you read my letter which is not really always the case in English. 

I also have spoken about different styles of reading and writing and this can go back to binary and Brailes can also relate to things that we don't really use which can give people a different impact towards life communication visual language and will give us a different opinion about letters in general. When I was making these drawing In was thinking about the techniques I could maybe use later on for my developments and follow up with. For next week I am meant to plan a rough plan for what I can develop for next week and I am thinking of maybe using some of my research I gathered today.


Today we had to  make a one day project we make a large piece of white paper to create an outcome could be anything that is related to a drawing cards mixed media work could be something different style. For my piece, I was pretty much lost because I was making something similar to what I gathered from the artists I looked. At. There were so many different drawings I wanted to make in the first one was particularly about a girl's back the idea behind it was to show the thoughts of what the girl had her mind and it was a link to the idea of writing words in her hair to create the thoughts and one piece of that was just going around it says write your letter. I said write you a letter because I wanted people to write the letter they find most interesting instead of me giving them instructions to write A it's very obvious I could have done this in a very simple and basic way to give them instructions but for this one with this piece interactive piece I wanted them to write the letter they choose instead of me. The idea behind it was to see how they would write other letters in just a letter A because I can guess how Letter A with that type face is written.

The main selected piece that I made in that big paper was a capital A with an accent I like the idea of using colour blind test to make people think what the letter could be which most likely links to puzzles. I felt like I wouldn't make a letter that no one can guess because I was thinking about the unknown known in terms of the complexity of the letter and I thought of having an accent is something very tricky and simple too.

I was pretty much pleased with my final people are giving me a lot of feedback on trying to figure out the letter and also to write interacting with me in that piece made to feel they interact all people where writing the letters in a connected line which shows a way of attraction towards them writing a letter they might like or not. My thoughts behind making this piece was to interact since my project and think about what people really enjoy looking at.  I really have struggled of making something that people would understand and relate to , so for that one piece  it was a  good starting point where I started to think about looking at my work and give me feedback all the time.


 Illustrator workshop

Today was a great opportunity for me to learn about illustrator, I am very grateful and glad that I did go and learn how to use it because it helps my project massively in a good sense. We mainly looked at how you could create shapes,  images for laser or vinyl cutting ,  logos or just making abstract form. I learnt how to make the letter out lines and play within the letter and make something creative from it. Drawing in illustrator is much different than any other application in my opinion because it has a specific way of just drawing. Ever since the workshop I kept using it all the time because it was very helpful and something I use in my everyday basis. This new skill enables me to work for future projects. I took a lot of notes and photographs of the shots that Hannah made during the work shop so I don't forget the main key points. 


Later in the afternoon we worked on designing signs and different logos I have learnt different ways of making shapes and just by using the drawing tool. I struggled making perfect lines yet I tried to draw tea pots and later on did some cups.

 cup drawing.jpg.1

 Drawing these cups is an experiment I did later to get me to understand on how to shape circles and have straight lines it did take me a while to make. The effect I got from illustrator is clean lines , simple forms and clear colour. From seeing this I wanted to try doing laser cutting to shapes of letters I am going to develop in my type face that I am using illustrator to use. I am very pleased with using illustrator because I can create a lot more than just making shapes or letters I eel that we can create more than just shape or letter.


Sketch book drawings


Rough plannings for coding and geo type face


Interactive piece


Illustrator Codes that I made



Today after making the blind test binary codes in illustrator I was thinking of printing it on vinyl and sticking outside but it is very costing I instead printed it out and went around asked people what they think it means and also if they can read it? Most people were able to read the numbers yet no one had absolutely no clue what I meant not even hint, they can never link that coding can be letters ?. And for that reason we are at a visual communication world I made another piece to show to what it mean when someone see 100001 it will always mean capital A.

vertical cb.jpg.1




Crit and Tasks 

So, for today we had an embossing demonstration which was held for the students, it is a simple process if we had an object to work with and I am planning to have laser cut object that I could use later on since I have been learning it today. I feel like this is important to create so I can experiment with more potentials. For our Crit we all showed our development  as a class on what we want to produce and how well our sketchbook shows our thinking and work outs and what we need to improve on. In my situation, I was really lost in terms of what I was going to do next honestly, I always wanted to develop my GEO type face and I was little unsure on making it but I feel that this is my chance to make it happen because I now have some skills using illustrator and I will develop this type face as one of my main ones. Then for the main tasks we have been looking at some words and turning them into design pieces and things we may want to do later and the words were relates to , texture , layout , material, content and scale.



MON-13/MAR/2017 - TUE-22/MAR/2017

During this period of time I was looking at different aspects of designing my type face and developing my ideas generally. I am thinking of many things that I could produce but first thing I need to develop my GEO type face for the reason that it is my first initial idea of manipulating a letter from many times just exactly like how I did at commune week. I feel inspired to do it in more than just one way And I feel there is a chance I can do it also in more than just one or two outcomes. My idea is fairly simple of using coding as a material to communicate a visual language that people can still guess and recognise. What I love about this letter form is that they look a lot like geometrical shapes and I totally adore that fact when letters have a specific format then they get changed. What I want to do next is the following:

1.       Developing ARABIC GEO TYPE FACE

2.       Colouring book (A5)

3.       3D outcome

4.       Pattern Book (A6)

5.       GIFS

6.       Embossing

7.       Decorative writing (people interacting)

8.       Coding Posters

9.       Lino

10.   Screen Printing

11.   Laser Cut

These outcomes that I am willing to produce by the end of this project and look into different angles of order and interaction with people. Which shows letter forms potentials in terms of Simple, decorative and abstract.



For the Crit section today I have written questions for people to answer and give me back for my outcomes so I will see how people interact view my style of combining writing letters visual language so my main idea is to allow people see what Letter form can make? And I am refereeing to the representing of just simple letters. 

For the outcomes, I wasn't able to produce all the outcomes however I produce 3 to show to the class what I am able to do in just one week. I was fairly ill throughout the week yet I was able to produce 3 outcomes at least to show the class.

OUTCOME1) English Type of GEO A3 nicely printed posters:  

1.       Black and Red parts which looks similar to screen printing. 

2.       Black and white

3.       Outlined shapes I want people to colour up 

OUTCOME2) Cube of Bar code that links to the idea of developing a 3D outcome. I also thought this can be a product for people.

OUTCOME3) Pattern Booklet

Looking at my feedback sheet I am glad people gave me some feedback my classmates and tutors. They all gave me some personal opinions they feel what those letters relate to and there was a lot of arguments between the opinions, because we all have different opinion backgrounds and personality at the end of the day.

Because coming to look at my work there were some Chinese said this is look like words in Chinese and then coming to see people from my culture they say they look like old Arabian tiles shapes which my tutors also noted. And I totally agreed even that I have never thought if it that way. 

Most of my classmates said it looks a lot like NAZI symbol from shapes and maybe the colours because I chose red and black and there are very strong colours and contrast other colours. Some of them think they look like: Mural patterns, Wire cages flowers, Celtic patterns, DNA, woven fabric, Pasta, Tiles, religious symbols. My booklet gives them strong feeling of colours which sort of distracts from looking at the type itself.

So, after seeing all the feedback I felt like I have to produce were more making the actual "tiles" because everybody gave me the potential of styles and screen-printing and other types of just printing such as the lino. I think making tiles is very difficult to make I've been searching on many different places on making just tiles and I found out they were very expensive and finally I found a website called zazzle where they print a picture on a tile and make it look pretty much the normal tile so I did order one tile pattern for development sake considering my budget within printing 26 letters.










Developing Arabic GEO Type

Developing the Arabic GEO Type is exactly the same as the English version and my idea here is to employ using different alphabets than just Roman. Honestly speaking combining Arabic alphabets was really difficult for the reason that there are a lot of curves and shapes between most letters. The technique I am using has made a huge difference to my type face most characters lost their meanings in a way it got hard to guess them. As known in Arabic letters they all look the same shape and use different dots whereas in English they have different shape for each fairly similar yet are different the ones that are pretty much the same in shapes within English letters are A and V.




Making Patterns

I have been making these patterns because I think they are presentation letter created. They can be considered as Specimen. Which makes me think again about printing in fabric such as. Bags ,scarves ,covers and other things.
I really love colours beige And navy in this contrast I think they match nicly. And also I think those patterns can be laser cutter if I put them on paper or other materials they can be a fence of some type of decorative material. I find it perfect in my opinion how simple , smooth and sensitive cases letters which is ver harmonious. Just seen this pattern I remembered seeing a rug at a game in called design home which had exact  colour yet looked more geometrical. I also have found other 3D design game that allow us to design the in and out doors simply. And I have also tried using GEO letter on the tiles section and wallpaper.

Letter (ط)-TAA






OCR A Std letter type development



Pattern made today (letter X)



Preparing for laser cut

laser cut for mat that laser cutout place told me to do


Braille typeface

Braille Typeface

 For the braille type face I was looking forward making circles appear in life different that how they are always looked at in life. what I did today is that I transformed the drawings I had on my sketch book to a digital form which helps me to think of potential of our everyday life and where they belong to. I really wanted to swap the idea of us reading braille and blind people feeling actual letter forms to give the experience to other people on expressing the way we view letters. I chose to have it looking this way because I wanted to use the same visual language used in signs and braille signs and then I found out when we connect them they look like road signs. It lives me a good understanding of just simple signs. I kept it blank because I wanted people to colour it up as I always at most times to get people to interact with me and also maybe guess the letter (which again is similar to silence theme).

Braille typeface developed by thew idea of connecting dots


Guess meaning

For this idea All I wanted to do is that I wanted to develop the idea of translating words into images from series of numbers and I thought of this idea to make people interact with me trying to guess what things are?

what is this? it is more a like a guessing game and an optical illusion towards items and objects we see all the time for example having picture of people writing their name in binary and edit it within the outer shape of the photograph.

examples I did such as:

  1. Stop sign
  2. Bella's photo
  3. The Big Ben

Stop sign





Laser Cuts

Laser cut out





Tile (GEO)

For the tile, I went to zazzle.com where it creates the tile that I wanted by adding the photograph, and they print it for me I chose the cheaper one because it is small and useful to experiment with. And noting that delivery takes very long time. And I waited for a week and a half to get this piece printed. I chose this design because it looks the most appealing one towards a tile. Therefore, I tried to do some 3d tiles design within a household looking at wallpapers and floor tiles.  This idea can be held in more than one thing and more than just one product. I see that it has a potential to go to the next level.




Today I did the embossing technique to my laser cutted aycrlics of the type face that I have developed. I find it very appealing to do this technique for a cover or case and I think it will be perfect on leather for this type of effect I am really loving this final outcome from it. I keep touching it all the time because it has that addictive sensation of just wanting to touch it. People already gave me feed back on it and they also like too which got me happy as well. It's just the use of type of paper and strangth I push really hard on some of them and other ones I ripped the paper which can be a disadvanatage. I used the strangth of 200 pressure which is pretty much high it scared me if any on my laser cut outs would break. Unforutounarly one did but I can restick it with speacil glue for this material.


My Embossing



During the lino cut out I had to think about holding knife straight and cutting properly. Why lino? i asked this to myself I think lino is easier to produce and safer to keep around which helps me to be able to reprint my work multiple of times. My problem during lino is that I cut it so much. Which got me to lose the print slightly. As an outcome it doesn't look so bad. As a development I could have improved more to it using just smooth small lines. And when I cut it I should only cut one out line this was a problem I struggled with. And I am solving it now But noticing it and when I get to do it again I'd make it better hopefully. Printing wise I should add more ink and if I used embossing machine it would makes it pressure harder. Overall I do like my final outcome I was expecting something else but its is fine at the end of the day I tried to do it. I am honestly glad my first try was not bad because I always have struggled using Lino cuts previously. And thats why I feel satisfied I unfortunately wasn't able to do screen printing because it takes longer time than Lino and is bigger scale. Yet I tried to make one basic printing technique in my work.

Lino process and outcome


Google sketch up

For Google Sketch up drawings I wanted to explore on the idea of trying to use architecture as the potential way of building letterform onto an actual building which makes me feel that this is all left. There is this PowerPoint and building blocks presentation which had something to do with building letters and I got inspired then also oven always working with sketch up so I've been trying to do different types of buildings and I thought about this idea in terms off trying something completely different and out of my comfort zone.

Why this idea?
I thought of this idea because I first saw which cannot happen but then I thought that myself I could try first and try make it a sketch on how to actually Droridge with the news on schedule up and then if it doesn't work I could just make it to the 3-D outcome since my first 3-D really work very well I tried to Make to make it on paper but it miserably failed. For my am I 3-D idea it was very simple paper letter making very well because of the letters to make it architectural based.

I was planning to find out how to make the interior design and make sure building one of these letters background house paint including the details time is not by my side and I don't have enough time to do all of this it will take me at least a month to do all of this and turn it into a moving image. If was Going to make a city and I include each detail it will take around a year to produce. Thinking about it to Google program and it takes time to get to the skill and just knowing how to build simple buildings because it is used by mainly architects and 3D students or people interested in 3D.

For my outcome I actually like it and I find it very interesting that I was able to produce 26 letters in one week and something timed that just because I protect the drawing build buildings then I had to make the animation I really wanted to make much neater than right now. On the whole day just to do the outlines on shape then it took me another 23 days to build and it take me another day to make the animation which is more likely to be a whole week we were just a small development which could go to the moving image outcome.

I am honestly satisfied with what I produced and my classmates friends family tutors said to me they like it too and they can realte to it which they think  it has a meaning behind it that we can realte to. For moving the image many times people were able to see the full letter from different angles and different shapes and making a few very much 3-D they were going to go inside the building. I find it interesting that I managed to produce something that everybody can relate to and everyone can actually see where my GEO letter forms come from originally usuing architecture that was not planned fully from the start in my initial plan but now I think that was a very good development I could show to people. People have interacted with me positively and the only advice they gave to me was if I made more realistic maybe by painting it like glass or giving it people there just like conceptual architecture.

Layout of Building


Sketch up building video capture



  1. What are the advantages and disadvantages of working on a self-directed project?
  2. Explain the context of your project and how it relates to the area of Graphic and Communication Design.
  3. What are you key research references?
  4. Identify your greatest successes and challenges on the project.
  5. Explain ways in which you have tested the ideas behind your work with an audience and how this helped you.


Question 1)
1. Advantages that I found out from this project:
2. Able to learn things on myself
3. Doing something I really like using my own instructions
4. Experimenting with new methods.
1. Getting tired half way
2. Short deadlines
3. Organising time each week

Question 2

My work is very related to graphic communication design because I am having typography as my subject and building blocks. This subject has a lot to do with visual language and making letters into codes , simple and abstract way of communicating within graphic design communication.

Question 3
I would say signs and wim crouewel's style has gave me another dimension of thinking about  getting ideas towards the coding of letter forms the origins of ideas come from the primary letter forms we use daily to communicate with people.

Question 4
I think my successes is that I managed to reach my aim by demonstrating letter form potential showing how a letter can make us feel and think from just looking at it. I managed to create good outcome laser cuts,  3D moving images of building within architecture.

Question 5
The ways I tested my work was I would go on random places restaurants or coffee shops sometimes road people at CSM or train station people would give me a quick feed back on my work I usually carry it and sometimes people stop me tell me what they think about my work I usually post my work in my social medias such as snapchat they always give me constant feedback and I do have interactive things with them. I do ask people about their opinion and improve it all the time.



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